The best lubrication adapter. Ever.


One support for five different adapters. Just plug the spray and everything you need is there, at your fingertips.


It only takes two minutes to perform a perfect five handpiece maintenance of brands and models.


EasyOil is economical, and also thanks to him, you can make a perfect lubrication, thus allowing you a net cost savings of repairs

Fewer repairs. Less cost.

EasyOil is the new safe, easy and fast way to do maintenance in the best way your handpieces. A flawless maintenance means less breakage, with a net savings in repair costs. Forget the days when you had to use a multitude of adapters to lubricate the various types of handpieces, contra and turbines: the error was around the corner, but with EasyOil maintenance is a breeze, thanks to five adapters configurable pleasure.

Can be installed on all spray cans.

EasyOil you can install it on any can of spray oil (KaVo, Sirona, Bien Air, NSK, MK-dent,Morita, Nouvag, W&H, SciCan, Unioil, Pana Spray, Henry schein, ecc...)



Each adapter is constructed from solid aluminum, is made ​​with numerical control machines that realize usually dental implants, to ensure maximum accuracy. Available adapters for KaVo, Sirona, Bien Air, NSK, W & H, Castellini, Midwest, contra-angle and chuck.

Did you know...?

To prevent early rotor failures and expensive repairs, constructors recommend to maintain the chuck system in turbines and red contrangles. Just spray a little lubricant in the chuck to keep it clean and perfectly efficient.


Simple configuration, just screw the threaded EasyAdapter support.

Video Examples of use


Short presentation dell'EasyOil

Example of use

In this video, we demonstrate how you can make proper maintenance of five different handpieces make and model (KaVo, Sirona, W & H, Bien Air, NSK) in just two minutes.

Turbine KaVo 7000

Proper lubrication of a KaVo Turbine 7000 with EASYOIL

Contra-angle Kavo

Proper lubrication to contra-angle KaVo 20LH (1:1 blue ring) with head 68LH

SONICflex KaVo

Proper lubrication of pneumatic scaler KaVo SONICflex 2003

Contra-angle Bien Air

Proper lubrication to contra-angle Bien Air CA1:5L (1:5 red ring)

Contra-angle Nouvag

Proper maintenance of a contra-angle from surgery Nouvag (16:1 green ring)

Turbine W&H Synea

Proper lubrication of a turbine W&H Synea TA-98 C Led with EasyOil

Turbine Castellini

Proper lubrication of a turbine Castellini HI-power M with EasyOil


Manuale in PDF

Download manual

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Video manual

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Video manual for proper installation on the spray.


Video manual for proper installation dell'EasyAdapter.

Absorption pad

Video manual for proper removal and installation of the absorbent pad.


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